First Year

General and Inorganic Chemistry
Histology and Differentiation
Introduction to Biological Sciences
Introduction to Modern Organic Chemistry
Introduction to Personal Computer Applications in Biology
Invertebrate Zoology
Mathematics 1 for Biologists
Mathematics 2 for Biologists
Physics for Biologists 1
Physics for Biologists 2 - Vibrations, Waves and Optics
The Organism in its Natural Environment

Second Year

Biochemistry 1
Biochemistry 2
Cyanobacteria, Algea, Fungi and Lichens
Ecology 1
Endocrinology 1
Flowering Plants
Freshwater Protozoa and Microinvertebrates
From Bryophytes to Flowering Plants
General Genetics
General Physiology 1
General Physiology 2
Introduction to Geology
Microbiology 1
Molecular Biology 1
Physics for Biologists 3 - Modern Physics, Thermodynamics, Mechanics of Gases and Liquids
Vertebrate Zoology

Third Year

Agricultural Biotechnology - Theory and Practice
Animal Behaviour
Animal-Plant Interactions
Behavioural Ecology & Neuroethalogy
Biology  of Lake Kinerret ö Workshop
Biology of Aquatic Ecosystems
Cell Biology
Chemistry of Manâs Environment
Comparative System Animal Physiology
Ecology 2
Ecophysiology of Aquatic Animals
Final Project in Biology
General and Human Embryology
Genetic Engineering
Geobotany and Plant Ecology in Israel
Human Genetics
Immunology 1
Immunology 2
Insects: Structure and Function
Introduction to Evolution
Introduction to Virology
Introduction to Volcanology
Invertebrate Fauna of Israel
Marine Mammals
Medicinal Plants - Secondary Metabolites in Plants
Methods for Quantitative Ecology
Microbial Ecology & Physiology
Microbiology 2
Molecular Biology 2
Molecular Biology Workshop
Mt. Meiron Interuniversity Pollination  Workshop
Physical Chemistry
Physical Principles in Medical Diagnostic
Physiological Ecology
Plant Physiology 1
Pollination Ecology
Population Ecology
Population Genetics
Principles of Conservation Biology
Psychoactive Drugs
Reproduction Ecology
Rhythmicity and Photoperiodicity In Animals
The Volcanism in Northern Israel
Zoogeography and Vertebrate Biology