Dr. Yoram Gerchman


Department of Biology, University of Haifa at Oranim, Tivon 36006, Israel
Tel: (972) 4 9838728
Fax: (972) 4 9539608
E-mail: gerchman@research.haifa.ac.il

Research interest:
Anti-microbial materials in Mediterranean plants
Bio-nano-technology – use of bacteria for fabrication
Photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation in cyanobacteria
Bacterial communication

Courses taught:
Biochemistry (1 and 2)
Genetic engineering

Professional Experience
Research staff in Molecular Biology Princeton University Jan 2003 –Sep 2005
Synthetic-gene-networks, including cell-cell communication components, and their use for bio-nano-fabrication, and pattern formation.

Research associate in Microbial Physiology Rutgers University July 2000 – Dec 2002
The coordination of nitrogen fixation and photosynthesis in Trichodesmium, a marine cyanobacteria.

Teaching assistance
Developing, organizing and teaching the first Synthetic Biology Course in Princeton University with Prof. Ron Weiss, Princeton University.
Summer 2004
Teaching assistant in multiple courses: Microbial Ecology, Marine Ecology, Physiology, and Botany, in the Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel 1993 - 1998

Non-academic work experience
Part time job as a biochemistry lab and blood bank technician in “Bikur-Holim” hospital, Jerusalem, Israel. The job included conducting blood and urine biochemistry tests as well as blood bank tests. 1990 - 2000

Ph.D. in Physiology, with Prof. Etana Padan, The Department of Molecular and Microbial Ecology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
Concentrations: Salt tolerance in Escherichia coli; structure-function and oligomerization state of NhaA, the major Escherichia coli H+/Na+ antiporter.
1993 - 2000

M.Sc. and B.Sc. in the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel 1987 - 1992

Experienced in a variety of biophysical, biochemical, and molecular methods.
Biochemistry and biophysics: FACS operation, light and florescence microscopy, gas chromatography, Fast Repetition Rate Fluorescence (FRRF), purification of photosynthetic membranes and PSII particles, imuno-percepitation, over-expression and specific radio-labeling (14C and 35S) of protein, membrane protein purification, western blots, preparation of right side-out and inside-out membranes, use of fluorescence and radio isotopes based (22Na) methods to measure fluxes through E. coli membranes, use of “Cys-scanning” for protein topology.
Molecular biology: Cloning, DNA sequencing, dsDNA and ssDNA purification, plasmidic and genomic DNA purification, PCR, site-directed mutagenesis (kits and PCR), random mutagenesis (chemical and PCR), and gene knockout.
Computer skills: Fluent with Windows and Macintosh (classic and OS X). Fluent with biology special software - Clone Manager, Vector NTI, GCG.

Publications and presentations
12 papers published in peer review journals, and 6 conference presentations/posters.

Honors and Awards
CEBIC fellowship (2000-2002)
Certificate of Merit from “Amersham Biosciences & Science Prize for Young Scientists” (2002).
Graduated in summa cum laude (July 2000)
Poster selected for best poster in the first conference of the Federation of the Israeli Societies of Experimental Biology, Eilat, Israel (1995, one of four posters selected from ~120 posters).

Additional information
Language: English (Fluent), Hebrew (mother tongue)
Available upon request

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