Prof. Uri Zoller
Professor of Chemistry


Department of Biology, University of Haifa at Oranim, Tivon 36006, Israel
Tel: (972) 4 9838836
Fax: (972) 4 9832167


Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

  • Science Education: Science, technology and environment in the social context; teaching, learning and asessment of higher-order cognitive skills/critical thinking.
  • Environmental Chemistry: Detergents/surfactants and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in surface and groundwater; surfactants-enhanced remediation of NAPL-contaminated aquifers.
  • Organic Chemistry: Synthesis and chemistry of strained, small rings containing sulfur and sulfur-organometallic chemistry.Recent


Peer reviewed papers  


  1. Zoller, U. 1972. The Laundry: Design, Management, Operation and the Chemistry of Laundry Processes. Israel,  456 pages.
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RESEARCH REPORTS  (Invited by Industry: Confidential)
  1. "The Production of Hydroxy-Aromatic Compounds", Annual Report (with Dr. D. Kohn), submitted to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Technion Foundation for Res. and Dev. (April, 1964)  (in Hebrew).
  2. "The Production of Resorcinol by Means of SO3 Converter Gas Sulfonation", submitted to "Zohar" Soap and Detergent Factory, Dalia, Israel (September, 1965)  (in Hebrew).
  3. "The Use of Sulfur Dioxide in Exhaust Gases of Existing Sulfonation Plant for Production of Sodium Bisulfite for the Food and Detergent Industries in Israel", Final Report; submitted to "Zohar", Dalia, Israel (1967)  (in Hebrew).
  4. "The Production of Long Chain Alcohol Sulfates by Means of Sulfur Trioxide Converter Gas", Final Report; submitted to "Zohar", Dalia, Israel (1968) (in Hebrew).
  5. "Industrial Production of Anhydrous Pyridine Hydrobromide", Final Report (with Dr. I. Ron); sbmitted to "Chemada", Nir Itzhak, Israel (May, 1977)  (in Hebrew).
  6. "Comparative Chemical and Biochemical Studies of a New Brand of Cosmetic Products", Final Report (with Dr. R. Zelikson); submitted to Filpac Co., Milano, Italy and Kibbutz Sasa; Israel (March, 1978).


A Process of Sulfonation of Benzene Compounds (Partner to the patent of David H. Kohn, M. Fromer, A. Parchi, Technion Res. and Dev. Foundation Limited). Israel, 1962.


  1. Zoller, U. 1997. Chapter "Detergents (pp. 45-57) in the Curricular unit for Junior High Man and Water. The Ministry of Education and Culture / The Center of Curricula / The University of Haifa - Division of Curricula (in Hebrew).
  2. Zoller, U., Cohen, A. and Mahler, P. 1981. Smoking and Cigarette Smoke. An Interdisciplinary Curriculum Unit.  Teacher Mannual (60 pp.).  Student Mannual (73 pp.). The Weizmann Institute of Science and The School of Education of the Kibbutz Movement, Oranim (in Hebrew).
  3. Zoller, U. (with 1. T. Maymon; 2. A. Tamari; 3. M. Rotem) 1984/1985. The development of 3 curricular units within The Israeli Environmental Education Project (IEEP): The Collector and the Sun; Stagnant Water (Swamps of Hadera); The Pitcher and What is Within [A Wastewater Treatment Plant). The Open University/The Ministry of Education & Culture (in Hebrew).
  4. Zoller, U. (Ed.) 1998. A Window to MATAS - A Teacher/Student Mannual for the Israeli National Curriculum Project: "Science, Technology and Environment in Modern Society" (STEMS/MATAS). Israeli Center for Science and Technology Education / Haifa University-Oranim.

Graduate Students Supervised

Recent projects

           1. Principal Investigator - Polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s) in Groundwater”; The Office of Environmental Quality (Israel), 1990-1992.
           2. Principal Investigator - “Groundwater Pollution by Detergents from Surface Sources”; The Ministry of Agriculture - The Water Commission (Israel), 1990-1994.
           3. Principal Investigator - “S=O and S=X Analogues and their Organometallic Complexes as Synthons for Unique Small-Membered Heterocycles: The Folkswagen Foundation (Germany), 1993-1995.
           4. Principal Investigator - “Science, Technology and Environment in Modern Society (STEMS): The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a national STS Curriculum For All (grades 10-12) in Israel”. The Ministry of Education (Israel), 1994-1997.


*    Since 1998 - the Chemical Education Division.

**  Since 1998 - the Division of Chemistry and the Environment.

           5. Principal Investigator - “Polycyclic Arene Episulfides - Analogs of Carcinogens Derived from Polycyclic aromatic Hydrocarbons. Synthesis and Theoretical Calculations; Technion-Haifa University Foundation, 1995-1996.
           6. Principal Investigator - “Detergents’ Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons - Indicators/ Tracers/Predictors of Water Pollution”. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA, Europe).
           7. Principal Investigator - "Development of Surfactant-Enhanced Remediation Methods of Fuel-Contaminated Aquifers by Surface Active Nutrients", Technion - Water Institute, Haifa, Israel, 1995-1998.

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