Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Emotions


The Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Emotions, founded in 1998, was established with the aim of furthering systematic, integrative, and in-depth understanding of feelings - a unique and complex human characteristic. Research will synthesize work in a wide array of disciplines: philosophical and literary analysis, anthropological observation, psychological and psychiatric research and experimentation, biological investigation and physiological assessment, historical inquiry, and artistic investigations.

Behavioral and humanistic research will complement each other in the effort to illuminate the causes, determinants, and consequences of emotional expression and behavior in a variety of social and cultural contexts.

Needed areas of emotion research in different educational, occupational, and social contexts will be identified and
researched. The Center will support research designed to track basic feelings and complex emotional reactions in the Israeli context across time, in concert with onfoing social, political, economic, and military events. In addition, the Center will develop a large scale normative empirical database of emotions in various socio-cultural (Jewish, Arab, Druze) and age groups.

Various primary and secondary prevention programs designed to help Israelis cope better with various emotional problems and concerns will be developed and assessed. Included in this category are occupational stress, social and evaluative anxiety, anger control, depression, the stress of migrating to Israel, and the threat of trauma and community catastrophe (war, evacuation from community, missile attack, terrorist activity, battle fatigue, post-traumatic stress).

Among proposed projects:

 Coping with Stress and Emotions in the Workplace.

 Tracking the Emotional Well-Being of Holocaust Survivors (3rd and 4th generation).

 Assessing the Emotional Profile of Different National Groups in Israel.

 The Peace Process and Emotional Well-Being of Israelis and West-Bank Residents.

 The Effects of Migration to Israel on the Emotional Well-Being of Russian and Ethiopian Immigrants.

 Bereavement and Coping in Families of War Casualties.

 Source of Negative and Positive Affect Among Israeli School Children and Their Emotional Well-Being.

 Emotional Abuse of Children and Their Emotional and Social Development and Adjustment.

 Emotional Intelligence in Different Social Contexts and Its Assessment and Practical Use.