Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Emotions


The Center frequently conducts conferences on salient issues related to emotions. For example, in November 1999, the Center held the first scientific, International Conference on Emotional Intelligence. Researchers from all the universities in Israel participated in this conference, as did important researchers from the United States and Europe. The enormous success of the conference emphasized the need for scientific study and advanced in-service courses in the field of emotional intelligence. The need is felt by researchers in Israel and around the world, by professional people, and by the public alike. By promoting theoretical and empirical knowledge of the subject, the Center will try to answer the many questions asked about the contribution of emotional intelligence to the training of employees, counseling of married couples, and the development of programs aimed at the prevention of violence in educational institutions. The Center is currently sponsoring the adaptation of instruments for assessing emotional intelligence.


Scientific conferences that have been held, and are being planned for the future, include the following:

1998: Emotions in Times of War and Peace.
1999: Emotional Intelligence: Scientific and Applied Aspects - An international conference.
2000: Emotions and Beauty - An international conference.
2000: Psychobiology of Emotions and Stress.
2000: Emotions and the Internet (joint conference with Oranim College of Education)
2001: Emotional Intelligence and Emotions at the Workplace - An international conference.
2002: Counter- Terrorism in Democracies: Political and Psychological Perspectives.
2003: Giftedness, intelligence and creativity among Arab students (joint conference with the Association for the promotion of the Arab students in Israel).
2003: Rationality & Emotion: An International workshop.