Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Emotions


List of Centerís Publications:

In addition to research reports and scientific articles, which are the products of the theoretical studies, Center associates are engaged in writing books on the subject and in organizing scientific conferences. Moreover, the Center is frequently responsible for evaluating articles written in Israel for the International journal Anxiety, Stress, and Coping. Prof. Moshe Zeidner, one of the Center's Co-Directors, was appointed Associate Editor of this journal.

Books on Emotions by Center Researchers (since 1998):

 Ben-Ze'ev, A. (2004). Love on line. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press.

 Matthews, G., Zeidner, M., & Robert, R. (2002). Emotional Intelligence: Science and Myth? Cambridge: MIT Press.

 Pintrich, P., & Zeidner, M. (2000). Handbook of Self-Regulation. New York: Academic Press.

 Ben-Ze'ev, A. (September, 2000). The Subtlety of Emotions. Cambridge: MIT Press

 Ben-Ze'ev, A. (September, 2000). The Geography of Emotions. Tel Aviv: Zmora-Beitan. (In Hebrew).

 Ben-Ze'ev, A. (1998), Straight from the Heart: Emotions in Everyday Life. Tel Aviv: Zmora-Beitan. (In Hebrew).

 Zeidner, M. (1998). Test Anxiety: The State of the Art. New York: Plenum Press Boekaerts


Center Working Papers:

 "Intelligence and Emotions", M. Zeidner & G. Matthews.

 "Personality and Intelligence", M. Zeidner & G. Matthews.

 "Are Emotions so Simple?", A. Ben-Ze'ev.

 "The Problem of Psychological Categories", A. Ben-Ze'ev.

 "Development of Emotional Intelligence", M. Zeidner, G. Matthews & R. Roberts.

 "Seven Myths About Emotional Intelligence", M. Zeidner, G. Matthews & R. Roberts.