Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Emotions

Planned Research Projects

Planned Research Projects:

 Tracking the national mood in Israel: the project goal is to develop a large database in order to map the reactions of the Israeli public to prolonged events in Israeli society.

 Emotional expressions of school children in Israel: the project will follow the origins of positive and negative emotions of school pupils, styles of coping with various emotions and how these connect to the pupils' success in their studies, their health, and their welfare.

 Human emotions and health-risk factors from coronary heart disease. The research will examine the various emotional parameters that are risk factors in the development of heart diseases-the primary factor of mortality in Western societies. The research will be conducted in collaboration with professionals in the medical field.

 Individual and inter-group differences in emotional experience: the research will compare sub-groups of the population, according to gender, socio-economic status, ethnic origin, culture, geographical location, and age group, in regard to patterns of expression and ways of coping with various emotional situations.

 Emotions and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) in cooperation with professionals in the field of medicine.


Additional Projects conducted under the Center's auspices:

 Consultation to the MIT Press, the leading publisher in the fields of psychology and philosophy, on books on the topic of emotions.

 Research and theoretical reports of studies on emotions. In addition, the publication of monographs surveying scientific articles on specific issues of emotions is planned.

 A mutual project with the Research Center on Emotions at the University of Geneva and the Eshed Human Resources Company on the adaptation of an emotional intelligence test for the Israeli population.

 A series of books in Hebrew on emotions.


We believe that thanks to the scope of activities that has been carried out so far at the center, there is a marvelous potential for extensive future research.