Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Emotions

Book Series


Series Editors: Donald Saklofske and Moshe Zeidner

We are pleased to announce a new series on Human Exceptionality to be published by Plenum Press. The series is intended to serve as an outlet for the rapid growth of research on the psychological, social, cultural, and educational  aspects of exceptionality. The series will publish advances in research on a wide array of facets of human exceptionality. The emergence of the disciplines of psychology and sociology and the beginning of the widespread use of mental tests in the early years of the 20th century refined our understanding of exceptionality.

Today it is widely recognized that no one discipline has a special claim on the study of exceptionality; rather, the prevailing approach is diverse, dynamic, and flexible, drawing from multidisciplinary perspectives.  Despite the recognition, books published in various areas of exceptionality during the past two decades have focused largely on traditional academic and cognitive domains. This new series is intended to serve as an outlet for the rapid growth of research on other aspects of the field including (among others) the psychological, social, cultural,
and legal aspects of exceptionality.   As editors, we recognize that no one discipline has  ownership to the study of exceptionality. Instead, we embrace  a more diverse, flexible, and dynamic conceptualization that draws from a multidisciplinary complement.

Exemplary topics that we would like to see published in the series are:

 Emotional Facets of Exceptionality;

 Diagnosis of exceptionality and its impact on policies, programs, and treatment issues;

 The epidemiology of exceptionality;

 Identification of exceptionality across the life-span;

 Contemporary trends in classification;

 Educational programming with exceptional individuals;

 Recent legislation on exceptionality;

 The effects of technology on various exceptionalities;

 Cultural factors and how they impact on the etiology and identification;

 Multicultural and bilingual aspects of exceptionality;

 Sexuality and disability;

 Counseling for children and adults with disabilities.

 Early intervention programs for children with disabilities and their families;

We are particularly interested in publishing authored manuscripts (rather than compendiums), particularly insofar as they are suitable for adoption in graduate-level courses.

Proposals should be sent to either of the editors:

Prof. Moshe Zeidner
Professor of Educational Psychology
Faculty of Education
University of Haifa
Mt. Carmel, 31905, Israel
E-mail:, Tel: 972-4-8240897

Donald H. Saklofske,
Department of Educational Psychology, University of Saskatchewan,
Education Building, 28 Campus Drive,
Saskatoon,Saskatchewan, S7N Ox1 Canada.