Round-up of 24th Meeting

Round-up of 24th Meeting

The University's 24th Board of Governors Meeting, held the first week in June, was witness to at least one event with far-reaching implications and to spontaneous expressions of warmth for the University, its mission, and students. The Governors in their resolutions affirmed the directions of the University administration by approving the $274 mi llion (approx. US$90 million) proposed budget and, as mentioned, re-electing Sir Anthony Jacobs to a second term as Chairman of the Board.

The far-reaching event was the announcement of the erecting of IBM-Israel Science and Technology Ltd. and Haifa Research Laboratory on the campus of the University. It is one of only four such IBM laboratories outside the United States. In remarks to the audience on the occasion, University President Yehuda Hayuth said that this development would lead to advancing computer studies in a big way at the University. He was sure, though, that the benefit would be mutual, with the University ready to make its own contribution in various ways to IBM.

Another memorable feature of this Board of Governors Meeting was the naming of the Eddie Kornhauser Law Faculty Building in acknowledgment of the A $3,000,000 donation that the Australian property developer gave the Faculty. Emil (Eddie) Mendel Kornhauser acknowledged his membership on the Board by actively participating in most events and plenary sessions throughout the meeting.

The expressions of identification with the University were perhaps exemplified by Prof. Helena Lewin of Brazil. The Brazilian Friends honored their esteemed colleague by having a Chair in Latin American Studies at the University named in her honor. Professor Lewin addressed the Governors and guests in acknowledgment of the honor. What she did not tell them, however, was that she was donating $10,000 to the University in appreciation. Later, when a session of the Meeting was discussing the plight of Ethiopian and other students who encounter severe financial difficulties, Professor Lewin was among several women who spontaneously donated $1,000 to the University's adopt-a-student program. T his act of generosity also went unheralded.

Professor Lewin was not the only friend from South America to be honored by the University at this meeting. An emotional Enrique Feldman of Mexico was made an Honorary Fellow of the University for his dedication and devoted service as president of the Mexican Friends of the University and for his contribution to education in Israel, Mexico, and th e United States.

Spanish, though, was not the only language heard at the Meeting. English is, of course, the common international language, but on several occasions the accent heard was decidedly English. Ernst Fraenkel of London was presented the Carmel Award of Merit, in part for his dedication to the welfare of University of Haifa students. Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Commonwealth was the keynote speaker at a special morning session devoted to the theme of “Jewish Continuity. Maurice Hatter and members of the Miller family, both of England, awarded their respective annual fellowships.

A Canadian accent was present at several events. Judy Feld Carr of Toronto was presented the Humanitarian Award of Merit for her exploits in regard to Syrian Jewry. Not surprisingly, Syrian-accented Hebrew was also heard on this occasion. Her husband, Donald Carr, QC, spoke as a member of the Jewish Continuity panel.

Rita Cohen, artist wife of Board Member Morley Cohen of Montreal, expressed her accent in both word and art, with the donation of one of her paintings to the University. Following a recently established tradition, the Governors took an excursion away from the University for a day. This time, the prevailing accent was Arabic. The object of the trip was a tour of an educational facility in three different Arab communities in the Galilee. In each case in a Druze village (Daliat al-Carmel), in a Bedouin settlement (M anshiyat Zabda), and in the Arab city of Shefaram—a University of Haifa graduate runs the facility or the University maintains involvement in the community. The mayor of Shefaram sponsored a luncheon in the Board's honor, ending the day's excursion, the guide for which was Dr. Majid al-Haj, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and head of the Center fo r Arab Education.

The conferment of the honorary doctorates of the University, a ceremony that is conducted in conjunction with the Board of Governors Meeting, had a different twist this year and one additional accent. Two orchestras played for the audience—the IDF Chamber Orchestra and the Haifa Symphony Orchestra.
This special musical interlude reflected one of the honorary doctorate recipients, the noted violin virtuoso Maestro Isaac Stern. Among those conferred with the honorary degree was Dr. Jean Kahn of Strasbourg, who delivered his response in French. The event was notable for one other feature: the first honorary doctorate ever awarded to an Arab citizen of Israel. It went to Judge Abd el-Rahman B aker Zu'bi, vice president of the District Court in Nazareth.

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