University to Name Building Complex After Yitzhak Rabin z”l<BR>

University to Name Building Complex
After Yitzhak Rabin z”l

The University will name the massive complex of buildings now well along in construction in memory of Israel’s slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. His widow, Mrs. Leah Rabin, is expected to be present at the formal naming and dedication ceremony, to take place toward the end of January 1997.
To be called the Yitzhak Rabin Complex for the Social Sciences and Mathematics, the three-building facility is being constructed at a cost of $26,000,000. It will have a total gross area of some 22,000 square meters, making it the largest unit on campus and perhaps the largest on any Israeli campus. Though the individual buildings have an overall height of only five and six stories, their combined net floor space in fact exceeds that of the University’s 30-story Eshkol Tower.

The three buildings, more like wings of a single structure, are connected by a cylindrically shaped central entrance foyer. A small cherry-tree grove, a two-level underground garage, and an outdoor parking lot complete the complex.
The decision to name the Complex in Rabin’s memory was taken at a meeting of the University’s Executive Committee last December and supported by Sir Anthony Jacobs, Chairman of the Board of Governors.

In deciding to commemorate the late Prime Minister, members of the Executive Committee noted that the University had conferred an honorary doctorate upon Rabin in 1994. He had been honored, as his scroll read, “in token of his leadership and steadfastness in realizing the vision of peace, his contribution to fortifying the security of the State of Israel, and his long-standing service to the State and to the people of Israel.”
The Rabin Complex is scheduled for completion by the time of its dedication. That was the reason for postponing the naming ceremony, along with the fact that the auspicious occasion will be held close to the first anniversary of the assassination (in other words, the yahrzeit), according to University President Hayuth.

The huge unit, which effectively changes the face of the University campus, was designed by the architectural firm of Mansfeld Kehat of Haifa. That firm’s senior partner, Al. Mansfeld, is a 1966 Israel Prize Laureate in Architecture for the design of the Israel Museum.

Each of the three buildings of the Rabin Complex will house a different department of the Faculty, thereby alleviating the present overcrowding that characterizes both elevators and classrooms in the Eshkol Tower and Main Building. Social Sciences-Mathematics has more students than any other Faculty.
The largest of the three units is the North building, two stories of which will serve the Department of Psychology and psychology institutes and laboratories. The East building will house the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the Department of Communication, and the Department of Geography. Its bottom level will have a 300-seat cafeteria.
Lastly the West building, approximately the same size as the East, will be home to the Department of Economics, the Department of Statistics, and the Department of Business Administration. The complex of buildings also contains large and small amphitheater-type lecture halls, classrooms, offices, and rooms for specialized purposes.

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