As of October 14, the Chairman of the University's Board of Governors will no longer be called Sir Anthony Jacobs, but Lord Jacobs.
Upon the recommendation of the British Prime Minister, Sir Anthony is to be elevated to the peerage. He will accordingly take his seat in the august House of Lords following his investiture and introduction in Britain's upper House of Parliament on November 11.
A member of the Liberal-Democratic Party for 25 years, Sir Anthony was the architect of that party's doubling of its representation in the House of Commons in the recent elections. He received the peerage nomination for his very active role on the party's behalf and will represent its interests in the Lords. He has served as the Liberal-Democratic Party's treasurer and its vice-president. The significant part that Sir Anthony played in the party's great success in the May 1997 elections was the apex of this activity.
Sir Anthony has been Chairman of the University's Board of Governors since 1993. He was knighted in 1988. His wife, who will be formally called the Lady Evelyn Jacobs, and he have two children.
Sir Anthony will receive the Lordship title on October 14, when Queen Elizabeth signs the official Gazette listing his title and that of other honor recipients. At the colorful short introduction ceremony that will be part of the opening session of the House of Lords on November 11, he will be accompanied by two sitting Lords, one of whom is his cousin, Lord Basil Wigoder.
After shaking hands with the Lord Chancellor, the highest officer of the House of Lords, the new Lord Jacobs will then take his seat as a lifetime peer.

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