Those who went to Reno, Nevada, this past winter, could have taken advantage of a traveling exhibit of contemporary art by artists of the University’s Fine Art Department, displayed at the Nevada Museum of Art toward the end of February and beginning of March.

“New Art from an Ancient Land,” the name of the exhibit, represents the Haifa half of an art exchange with Virginia Commonwealth University, which organized the exhibition in the United States that was and is being shown mostly in Virginia but in other states, as well.

“Works on Paper” is the exchange exhibit of artwork by Viriginia Commonwealth artists that was mounted in the University’s Art Gallery at the end of March and stayed on display until the first week in May.

The works by the University’s artists are on a tour that takes the art to Richmond, Fairfax, Norfolk, and Roanoke, Virginia; Reno, Nevada; Rochester, New York; and Houston, Texas.

Prof. Morris Yarowsky of the Virginia institution’s Department of Painting and Printmaking, came to Haifa to attend the opening of the exhibition of works from his staff. He also wrote one of the catalog essays for the U.S. showing as did the executive director of the Nevada Museum, Steven S. High. Sanford S. Shaman, the University’s Curator of Fine Arts Exhibitions and Collections, also contributed to the catalog. Batia Eisenwasser-Jancourt, Head of the Fine Arts division, was responsible on the Israeli side for this “cultural partnership in the fine arts.”

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