Tourism has been for years an integral part of academic studies in Geography. When the government, in line with its purported policy of privatization, wanted to sell the Israel School of Tourism, in which it held a majority of the shares, it found a buyer that had done its homework. The University took possession of the tourism school in September 1997.

In addition to academic-level studies in the subject, the University had conducted wide-ranging activity in hotel and tourism management and operations in the framework of its External Studies Unit. It was no stranger to the field.

The Tourism School now forges an additional link in the array of instruction, research, and human-resource development in the two related areas that is being conducted at the University. The acquisition has turned the University into the principal and leading body in the country in the training of personnel for tourism and hotel management.

The Israel School of Tourism, since its founding at government initiative, has occupied itself with the professional training of personnel in various tourism areas, such as travel agents, travel experts, guides, escorts for groups going abroad, tourism promoters, and others. The program offered tried to meet demands for skilled managers and trained workers in the profession in Israel.

The University will strengthen and update the existing curriculum. New courses will reflect the structural and systems changes now taking place in the tourism and hotel industry in order to prepare graduates of the school to meet new conditions--especially the possibility of a broader peace in the region--accompanying a new century.

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