Winter 1998

In This Issue:

Presitent's Column - Higher Education at 50

University Professor Invited to White House

University Salutes the IDF In Honor of Israel's 50th

Do the Crossroads Lead to Peace in the Middle East ?

Touchstone or Myth ? Symposium Marks 50th Anniversary of the Exodus

EC Ambassador Calls for Euromed Networking

The Variety of Student Experiences :


M.A. Students sets her Sights on Literature, and Ahead

Bible Studies Student A Study in Pluralism

First Doctoral Student in Arabic at University is from Abroad
Business School Round-Up : A Tender Subject

First Arab Maritime Archeologist here has an Identity Problem

University, Texas A&M in Underwater Venture

Coference Tries to Answer : Are the Jews a Sea People ?

Unique 3,200-Year-Old Site Excavated - A Link with Sardinia ?

Life-Saving Doctoral Student Knows Her Fungi

Law Faculty Leads in Health Law

University Acquires Tourism School

Teachers Learn to Educate Jewishly

They Have a Family Relationship with the University

Professors of English Try Their Hand at Mapping