Graduation Days 1999

This past summer’s graduation days—each Faculty held its own celebrations on different days—saw an increase of 22.4% in the number of Master's degrees awarded compared to last year’s total.

A record 812 of the 3,280 students who were graduated received their “second degree” this year. Of these, 6 were given theirs “with great distinction” and 42 “with distinction”; a further 150 students were declared Dean’s List.

New baccalaureates totaled 2,048. The B.A. “with great distinction” was given to 36 students, and that “with distinction” to 136 graduates.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree was conferred on 17 budding scholars: 4 from the Humanities Faculty, 6 Social Sciences and Mathematics, 6 Education, and 1 (“with great distinction”) a special Graduate School student.

In addition to the degree recipients, 409 students received diplomas: 380 Teaching Diplomas, 12 in Library Science, and 17 in Museology. Among the diploma recipients, 22 received theirs “with great distinction” and 5 “with distinction.”

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