Lord Jacobs Unanimously Reelected As Chairman Of The Board Of Governors

Lord Anthony Jacobs has been unanimously elected to serve a third term as chairman of the Board of Governors of the University of Haifa.

After seven years in the position, Lord Jacobs had announced his intention to step down and not to run for office again. Unlike the peerage, he explained to his colleagues, the chairmanship is not a lifetime affair.

Lord Jacobs would have liked to see some new blood injected into the post but allowed himself to be persuaded to offer his candidacy one last time. His decision was contingent on approval that his term be reduced from three to two years, and that three deputy chairmen be elected to share the load.

Lord Jacobs, who will turn 70 in 2001, said that this would be a good time for him to turn over the reins to somebody else.

He stressed, however, that the chairman of the board must be active and not merely a titular figurehead.

He had built up a lot of frequent flyer miles in his work for the university, he said. This included some 18 trips to Israel plus several trips to Europe and the US on university business.

The three vice-chairmen elected were Maurice Hatter of England, owner and chairman of IMO Precision Controls Ltd., London; Professor Manfred Lahnstein of Germany, former chairman of and currently adviser to the Board of Directors of Bertelsmann AG, one of the world’s largest publishing companies; and Dr. Yoram Sebba of Israel, CEO of Israel-Zim Navigation.

Hatter, a well-known philanthropist, is an underwater and archaeology enthusiast. Lahnstein is president of the German Friends of the University of Haifa, and Sebba has been involved in shipping research.

Lord Jacobs said that he also wanted to see a vice-chairman from the US. Towards this end there will eventually be four vice-chairmen.

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