Prof. Myriam Yardeni Is Israel Prize Winner

Prof. Myriam Yardeni of the Dept. of General History is the second University of Haifa faculty member to be awarded the State of Israelís highest accolade, the Israel Prize. She will receive the prize for research in general history. The awards are formally presented in a special Independence Day ceremony. Yardeni was cited for her contribution to French historiography and the history of political thought in France and her in-depth research on French Jewry and French-Jewish relations from the 16th-18th centuries. Her innovative methodology in dealing with the history of the Huguenots and their relations with the Jews and Judaism has won her international acclaim.

The Roumanian-born historian, whose village survived World War II almost miraculously untouched by the Holocaust, immigrated to Israel with her parents when she was 17. She went on to her earn her B.A. and M.A. from the Hebrew University. A French-government fellowship brought her to Paris, where she completed her doctorate at the University of Paris. In 1963, she was invited to join the staff of the fledgling University Institute of Haifa, which a decade later became an independent University.

Yardeni played a key role in establishing the Universityís General History Department. She was promoted to full professor in 1975. The author of ten books and perhaps one hundred articles, she serves on the board of the Israel Historical Society. The Israel Prize Laureate this year was named first Head of the Universityís School of History.

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