Prof. Aharon Ben-Ze’ev Is the New Rector

IF THE incoming Rector of the University seems both contemplative and passionate, there is good reason. Prof. Aharon Ben-Ze’ev is a philosopher who deals in emotions. His latest book, published earlier this year by MIT Press, is entitled, The Subtlety of Emotions. Professor Ben-Ze’ev takes up his new post on October 1st after serving two terms as Dean of Research.

A graduate of the University of Haifa, Ben-Ze’ev, 51, went on to obtain his Master’s degree in Philosophy from his alma mater. He then studied for his doctorate at the University of Chicago, which conferred on him the Ph.D. in 1981.

The new Rector’s research has focused on the philosophy of the soul and, especially, the study of sensory perception and emotions, in which area he has achieved a worldwide reputation. He has served as a visiting scholar and professor at a number of universities and institutes abroad.

At the University, Ben-Ze’ev was a joint founder of the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Emotions and a former chairman of the Dept. of Philosophy. Administratively he has seved as Director of the Haifa University Press and Head of the University’s Academic Channel broadcasts.

Outside the University, his expertise led his having been chosen to serve on the nominating committee for the Israel Prize in Philosophy for the Year 2000.

Among Ben-Ze’ev’s other books are Straight from the Heart: Emotions in Everyday Life (Hebrew, 1998), The Perceptual System: A Philosophical and Psychological Perspective (1993), Soul (Hebrew, 1996), and Aristotle on the Soul (Hebrew, 1989).