My Son, the Doctor—and Lawyer

The University of Haifa and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, have embarked on an innovative joint program that may be the first of its kind anywhere: a dual degree in law and medicine.

The new program, which opens in its doors in the coming academic year, will require eight and a half years of study. Graduates will receive both an M.D. and an LL.B.

The University of Haifa brings its Law Faculty, which last year ranked first in the percentage of law school graduates who passed the Israeli Bar exam, to this partnership. The Technion, located down the Mt. Carmel slopes from the University, brings its Rappaport Faculty of Medicine. The Technion’s medical school serves as the site of two other, health-related joint programs with the University—in nursing and in occupational therapy.

Still another, related component that the University adds to the innovative academic mix is its Center for Health, Law, and Ethics. Retired Judge Amnon Carmi, who was part of the University’s team that carefully worked out the joint law-medicine program with the Technion, heads the center.

Last year, the Law Faculty introduced a combined program in law and computers, also leading to a dual degree. That program is intended to prepare graduates to deal with such legal issues as Internet ethics, intellectual property rights, patents, and copyright in the digital age.