Honor’s List—Faculty Awards and Appointments

Since last summer, University of Haifa faculty members in various fields have been the recipients of awards and appointments on both a national and an international level in recognition of their achievements as scholars, researchers, and teachers. Here is a run-down.

University President Prof. Yehuda Hayuth, who is a world-class expert in the field of shipping, ports, and logistics, received appointment by the U.S. National Transportation Research Board Executive Committee to serve as a member of the U.S. National Research Council’s Task Force on Agricultural Transportation. The appointment runs through January 31, 2004. The NRC provides scientific and technical advice to the government, to the scientific and engineering communities, as well as to the public.

Prof. Eviatar Nevo, Director of the Institute of Evolution, was elected a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. The number of foreign members of this very prestigious body of scholars is quite small, and there is only a handful of Israeli members.

Dr. Roni Reich, Senior Lecturer in the Dept. of Archeology, was honored with the Jerusalem Prize for Archeology for the Year 2000 for his ongoing and wide-ranging activity in the past decade in exploring and bringing to light ancient Jerusalem from the Second Temple Period to the Byzantine era.

Prof. Michael Goodich, Dept. of General History, or rather a book of his on the Ideal of Sainthood in the 13th Century, published twenty years ago, has occasioned a conference convened by the Collegium Budapest, the Hungarian Institute of Advanced Studies, in February 2001. The book was a seminal work in the field, and many scholarly studies have since made use of the methods employed and conclusions drawn. Now some twenty scholars, in addition to Goodich, from Europe and America have been invited to deal with developments and new issues in the field since his book’s publication.

Prof. (Emeritus) Michael Heltzer of the Dept. of Archeology was awarded the IV Class Order of the White Star (Valgetahe IV klass) by the President of the Republic of Estonia for his “merits to the Republic.”

Dr. Amatzia Peled, Senior Lecturer in the Dept. of Geography, was appointed joint chair of the Incremental Updating Committee of the International Cartographers Association (ICA) and also a member of the board of the International Association for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

Prof. Aharon Kellerman, the University’s Vice-President for Administration and a member of the Dept. of Geography was named chairman of the Telecommunications Committee of the International Geographical Society (IGU).

Assoc. Prof. Moshe Inbar, Dept. of Geography, was named chairman of the IGU’s Earth Erosion and Desertification Committee. He is also geography consultant to Natural Geographic in Hebrew.

This is the first time that two Israelis are serving simultaneously as IGU committee chairs and the first time since the Society’s founding that two representatives of the same department at a university serve as chairmen.

Assoc. Prof. Eli Somer, School of Social Work, was chosen as the recipient of the Cornelia B. Wilbur Award for outstanding contributions to the field of trauma and dissociation by the International Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD), presented at the conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Ephraim Zadof, Teaching Assistant in the Dept. of Jewish History, was invited to Central America, where he was awarded the Rabbi Yaacov Goldberg Prize of Mexico’s Center for Documentation and Research of the Ashkenazic Community.

Assoc. Prof. Marilyn Safir, Dept. of Psychology and Head of Kidma-Project for the Advancement of Women, was elected for a second term as president of the Israel Association for Feminist and Gender Studies.

Dr. Sharon HaLevi, Lecturer, Dept. of History and Women’s Studies Program, was named a member of the board of the Gender Studies Association.

Dr. Gershon Galil, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Jewish Studies, earned first prize (worth NIS 25,000) for his book, Israel and Assyria, in the annual awarding of the Bahat Prizes for original Hebrew-language non-fiction works. It is the largest prize in its field in Israel.

Dr. Noam Greenberg, Instructor in the Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Management and Dept. of Geography, received the Shiftan Prize of the Israel Association for Water Resources and Bnai Brith (Jerusalem) for his doctoral dissertation, which led to the successful implementation for the first time in Israel of a method of flood forecasting and hydrology developed in the southwestern United States.

Prof. Arnon Soffer, Dept. of Geography and holder of the Chair in Geostrategy, was one of four Israeli academics invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January. His comments on the social problems linked to the environment and natural security as well as the remark, “Water is a myth,” not a problem of shortage or technology, but “of the human mind,” drew the interest of world leaders in attendance.

Prof. Gabriel Weimann, Dept. of Communication, was appointed to the 15-member board of Israel’s Second Television and Radio Authority for a four-year term.

The Fulbright Foundation chose Weimann to be part of a group of 18 scholars from as many countries—including the Arab states of Jordan, Egypt, and Algeria—to study American political campaigns. The eight-week tour was timed to follow the U. S. presidential campaign this past summer, and the group met with the chief campaign managers; they also studied at first hand campaigns for, among other offices, judge (unheard of in Israel or Europe), sheriff, and attorney-general.

The Recanati Institute of Maritime Studies was invited to participate in Navis II in the field of ship iconography. The Navis project, supported by the European Commission, is creating an international database of ancient ships from Europe and the Mediterranean from the 1st millennium BCE to 1200 CE for the use of students and scholars. Israel, represented by the Institute, is one of only two non-European countries invited to participate.

Ms. Yaira Cohen is not a faculty member, but a Master’s degree student who has scored a first at the University: she is the first woman to be elected chairperson of this University’s Students Organization. The 25-year-old, who comes from Jerusalem, is studying criminology.