What’s in a Name?

Dory Tuvim may be the only Jew who has a Druze boy named after him.

An Alberta Canadian businessman, Dory grew up in Haifa and wanted to express in some meaningful fashion the memories of his youth and his affection for the city. He decided to honor two of his, and his family’s, childhood friends by setting up a scholarship fund at the University in each of their names.

One of these friends was a Druze family from Daliat al-Karmel, and accordingly the Saih Jaber Halabi Scholarship is awarded to a member of the Israeli Druze community who is studying at the University. The second grant, the Shimon and Gideon Elkeles Scholarship, is intended for a student whose courses include the environmental studies cluster.

Tuvim tries to visit Haifa once a year, not least in order to see Dory Halabi (c. in picture, posing with his namesake and his sister at the award ceremony in January), whose parents named him in honor of the friendship between the young Dory’s grandfather and his grandfather’s close childhood friend.

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