Winter 2002-2003

In This Issue:

Our Man In Washington

Emergency Call-Up Orders Make Student Life More Difficult:

    Shay Amar

    David Riesenfeld

A Determined Argentinean Immigrant Finds Satisfaction Here

Ariel Bendor New Dean of Law Faculty

Bostonians and Haifaites Discuss Building a Civil Society

Undeterred British Family Joins University Underwater Dig; Ancient Ship Revealed

Abu Manneh Named Distinguished Citizen of Haifa

Why My 3-Year-Old Son Is (Far) More Intelligent Than Deep Junior

Rare Photographs of Black America at University Exhibit

Prof. Tamar Weiss Virtually Helps People Cross the Street, and Get on with Their Lives

Did Tirat HaCarmel Produce a Saint?

The Final Map: Honoring the Memory of a Friend and His Children - Killed in Haifa Terrorist Attack