Summer 2002



University Honors Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair


The University conferred an honorary doctorate upon Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair at a ceremony that took place at 10 Downing Street, the prime minister’s official residence, on April 10.

    A video of part of the ceremony was shown as part of the honorary doctorate ceremony conducted during the 30th Board of Governors Meeting in May.

    Blair was cited for ”his brave tenacity to the values of justice, advancement, and community.”  The University also expressed its deep esteem for Blair’s international activity, “including the struggle against terrorism and the establishment of peace in the Middle East.”

    University President Prof. Yehuda Hayuth said the citation further acknowledged the Prime Minister’s “leadership and long-standing activity in the service of his country and the British people.”

    In response, the Prime Minister had gracious words on the University’s behalf.  “I can think of no other university I’d rather receive this honor at this time,” he said.  The University of Haifa, he continued, “is a symbol of peace and harmony.”

    Taking part in the modest award ceremony were Lord Jacobs, immediate past chairman of the University’s Board of Governors, and his wife, the Lady Evelyn; Sir Maurice Hatter, deputy chairman of the University’s Board, and Lady Irene Hatter, who is chairperson of the British Friends of Haifa University.  Blair had praised the University’s “friends who work” for the institution.

    Representing the University in conferring the honorary degree were Prof. Yehuda Hayuth; Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze'ev, the University’s Rector; and University Vice-President Yael Metser.

    A gala dinner, with the participation of the British Friends of Haifa University and many other senior figures in British politics, society, and economy later marked the auspicious event.



Downing Street Ceremony. Prime Minister Tony Blair (2nd from l.) about to receive the scroll from President Prof. Yehuda Hayuth conferring on Mr. Blair the University's honorary doctorate. Standing next to the Prime Minister are (l.-r.) University Rector Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze'ev, Vice-President Yael Metser, and Lady Irene Hatter.

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