Summer 2002



Miriam Ben-Peretz, Shimon Linial, and Chaim Schatzker

Receive University Award of Merit


Three retirees of the University, two of them professors and one the long-time head of the Israeli Friends Association, were presented the University Award of Merit during the 30th Board of Governors Meeting.  They were honored for their distinctive contributions to the character and development of the University.

    Prof. (Emeritus) Miriam Ben-Peretz, a past head of the University’s then-School of Education and of the Center for Jewish Education, was cited for “her contribution to the study of teaching and her shaping of educational policy in Israel; and in acknowledgment of her activity to expand the scholarly foundations of the University of Haifa and its relations with the community.”

    Ben-Peretz noted that colleagues all over the world envy the faculty here because of the University’s supportive environment: “its openness, appreciation of new ideas, and the help received in developing them.”

    For Shimon Linial, founder of the advertising firm of Bing-Linial, now Linial-DDB, and active on the University’s behalf for a quarter of a century, the award was given “in acknowledgment of his varied public involvement and activity on behalf of the welfare of the society, in admiration of his long-time contribution to deepening the relationship between university and community, and to realizing the goals of the University.”

Linial, who received a cake for his 80th birthday, which he celebrated the day of his award, expressed the “hope and prayer that I can continue to contribute to the University.”

    Prof. (Emeritus) Chaim Schatzker, a historian who initiated the study of the Holocaust at the University as well as at other institutions, received “acknowledgment of his distinctive contribution to the study and teaching of the Holocaust, and his work in establishing and giving a firm basis to the scholarly foundations of the University of Haifa.”

    Schatzker wondered why he was being honored, since “I loved every day and every minute of teaching.  It was a real pleasure for me.”


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