Summer 2002



Helping Others by Helping Students


Two of the foundations that award scholarships to students at the University might be said to go one better than the dictum describing the best form of charity as that which enables the recipient to help him/herself.  Scholarships usually enable the recipient to acquire higher education, a prerequisite in modern times for many forms of livelihood.  The two foundations, however, take another step: they condition their stipends on the recipient’s helping others, especially school children, in the community.  The beneficial result is that one scholarship gives encouragement, in effect, to the future of two persons.

   ISEF - International Educational Foundation this year has awarded scholarships to 30 University of Haifa students in return for tutoring 50 tenth-graders in the town of Nazareth Ilit (Upper).  The tutoring project is meant to give confidence to these pupils, as well as to shore up their grades, so that they will stay in the academic track in high school and take the matriculation exams.  These exams determine eligibility for university studies. 

   Called (in translation) “Flowers of a New Dawn,” the innovative project in Upper Nazareth is a joint venture of the New York-based ISEF, the Dean of Students Office at the University, and the Ministry of Education.  ISEF’s hope is to increase the percentage of this development town’s pupils who pass the matriculation exams and go on to university.  Each scholarship recipient is expected to stay the course with perhaps two of the 10th graders as they advance from the 10th to the 12th grade.  The University students, who devote three hours a week to the project, help the youngsters with homework, with final projects, and with preparing for the psychometric examination, which is somewhat equivalent to the SAT’s in the United States in determining admission to a university.

   The ISEF project also involves group social and cultural activities to provide further support and motivation for the Upper Nazareth pupils to pull together and have concern for their future.

   The second foundation, the Ron Adler Memorial Fund, is directly tied to the University.  It awards scholarships to University students in return for their working with children in theater and art groups.  The children who benefit from this attention are located in two children’s institutions in the Haifa area. 

   Formed in 1976, the Ron Adler Fund decided in 1994 on a specific main objective: to assist the University’s Center for Psychological Counseling.  If fulfills this essential aim in two ways.  One is to award fellowships to graduate Psychology students who are enrolled in an advanced course in psychotherapy.  In return for the grant, the psychology students treat other University students who turn to the Center for counseling.

   Since the therapy is not a free service that the University provides as a matter of course, some of the students in need of treatment have difficulty in paying even the relatively symbolic amount for the service.  The Fund also gives financial aid to these financially strapped students to help cover the full cost of their treatment.

   The Ron Adler Memorial Fund is operated as a donation-supported entity within the Dean of Students Office at the University.



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