Summer 2002



National Security Studies Center Surveys


The Universityís National Security Studies Center has been making news with a series of timely survey.  Here are the results of several of these investigations.

Estrangement between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs is growing. The survey producing these results was conducted in October 2001, one year after the riots in several Arab communities in Israel.  Findings, published in December 2001:

Motivation of civilians to serve reserve duty seems to be growing.  Despite the headlines made by reservists who refuse to serve in Judea and Samaria, this survey found the following in spring 2002:

The Israeli publicís faith in some of the institutions of the State is being undermined.

The comparative survey was made three times: in October 2000, during the Barak government; April 2001, at the height of the riots in Samaria; and November 2001, during the period of terror attacks.

The characteristics of Palestinian terrorism in Israel, 1948-2002, showed a total of 2,434 incidents.

The national (inner) strength of the State, October 2000-May 2002, remains firm:

Former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed one of the National Security Studies Center forums. Prof. Gabriel Ben-Dor, head of the Center, listens closely.


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