Autumn 2003


University Students, Staff among the Victims in Haifa Restaurant Bombing


  An inhuman act has once again taken the lives of University of Haifa students and injured a student and an employee. Mark Biano, 29, a graduate student in the Dept. of Communication, and Nir Regev, 25, a 2nd-year B.A. student in Statistics and Political Science, were killed in the pre-Yom Kippur bombing of the Maxim restaurant on the Haifa beach coast. Markís wife Naomi also fell victim to this murder, which took 21 lives. Olga Korol, 22, a 3rd-year Statistics student and good friend of Regev, and Michal Carmeli, an employee in the Students Administration, were injured in the senseless attack, as was Carmeliís son and, more critically so, her husband.
Despite a shattered right arm, which has forced her to learn to write with her left hand, Olga Korol returned to her studies this year. The University has provided Ola, as she likes to be called, with academic and psychological assistance, including making the third floor of the dormitories where she resides available to her parents to be able to live with her in this transitional period. She is still in need of mental, physical, and economic aid, said Dean of Students Prof. Ron Robin. Olaís determination to go on with her life and put the trauma behind her earned her a report on Israel TV Channel 1ís major news program, Mabat.

The University community cries out in condemnation of this perversion, which killed and maimed families of the greater Haifa community and made no distinction between Jew and Arab. It shares deeply in the sorrow of the families of the two murdered students and the other innocents and extends heartfelt wishes for the healing of all the injured.       

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