Autumn 2003


Student Center Building, to Be Na\med for Sir Maurice Hatter, 
Gets Its Cornerstone

“We are nearly at the end of realizing a huge dream,” said Lord Jacobs, past Chairman of the Board of Governors, with a mixture of exhilaration and exasperation.  “This is one area,” he continued, “where we didn’t do the students right.”

        The mixture of emotions displayed by Jacobs informed the cornerstone-laying ceremony of the Students Building .  The previous issue of Focus (Spring 2003) had announced the event and described the architectural plan, which was now becoming a reality after having been debated in numerous Board of Governors Meetings. 

        “The building is a symbol.  It’s our building,” exclaimed a delighted Shani Ochakovski, chairman of the Student Union.

        “We cannot blame the city engineer,” joked University President Yehuda Hayuth, who looked at the Municipal official when he made the remark in referring to the delays in the start of construction of the facility.    “Nothing,” he added with determination, “will stop us now [from constructing the building].”

        Sir Maurice Hatter, Deputy Chairman of the Board, who was acknowledged to be the driving force behind the project, considered so vital for on-campus student life, was perhaps the most buoyant of the speakers.  He endeared himself to the students once again, this time by conceding that “it is difficult to be a student, because the academic system is so demanding, and students are required to follow advice, pay attention to instructors, listen to colleagues.”

        Summing up the mix of emotions surrounding the ceremony taking place on the University’s Scenic Road , Hatter said, “The construction of this building will help students sleep better at night and enjoy themselves during the day.”


 The scroll that went into the cornerstone read as follows:

University of Haifa

Cornerstone for the Student Center Building

23 Iyyar 5763/ May 25, 2003  


This building is being constructed thanks to the encouragement and generosity, and steadfastness in reaching the goal, of Sir Maurice Hatter; the munificence and thoughtfulness of Lord Anthony Jacobs; and the kind assistance of the Haifa Municipality .  It will serve as a center of activity aiding students in both academic and social areas, an effervescent hub of cultural and social activities, and a meeting place for students who study at the University of Haifa . 



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