Autumn 2003

In This Issue:

University Students, Staff among the Victims in Haifa Restaurant Bombing

University’s Traveling Workshop Informs Florida and Texas of “Real Realities” of the Middle East

Dr. Karl Ribstein Psychology Building Dedicated During Board of Governors Meeting

Landa Center for Equal Opportunity Through Education Inaugurated

Gil Weiser Elected to 3rd Term as Exec. Committee Chairman

Honorary Doctorate Conferred on Moshe Idel, Itzhak Zamir, Endel Tulving , and Eliezer Rafaeli

Harry Sessler Named Honorary Fellow

Student Center Building , to Be Named for Sir Maurice Hatter, Gets Its Cornerstone

Rothschild Computer Science Institute Signs $1.5 Million Agreement with Trento Institute

Israel ’s First Druze Math Lecturer Feels at Home Here

Out-of-Water Fishing Reels in Fellowships

Learning Together and Testing One’s Stereotypes

Women and the University: A Report

Former Ethiopian Was Summer Student Scholar-in-Residence in Australia

Willi Aptowitzer, Varda Lané – Award of Merit