Spring 2004


  University Opens Israel's First Interdisciplinary Clinical Center on Its Campus

Israel's first university-sponsored, on-campus clinical center, offering physical and psychological services to students, staff, and the community at large, opened its doors on the University's Mt. Carmel campus in mid-January.

According to the center's head, Dr. Rivka Yahav, diagnosis, treatment, and counseling in the areas of communication disorders, occupational therapy, and psycho-social services will be given at all levels: the individual, the family, the group, and the organization.

In addition, the innovative center will initiate special community projects.  These include preparation, for parents as well as for the children, for first grade; and assisting couples during pregnancy and in the baby's first years of life.

The clinical center will draw on the advanced knowledge accumulated in Haifa University's Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Studies, as well as on its faculty members.  The Faculty takes an interdisciplinary approach to the subjects of communication disorders, occupational therapy, psycho and psycho-social therapy, physical therapy, gerontology, nursing, human services, and public health.

Among the services that the new clinical center offers:

In the area of communication—testing hearing and prescribing the appropriate hearing aids; treating stuttering, language and speech disorders, and language-learning disabilities, as well as eating and swallowing problems.

In the area of occupational therapy—cognitive and emotional diagnoses, imparting everyday functioning skills, treating motor disorders, encouraging school readiness, cultivating child play, improving writing functions.  The center also runs the Ian Carten Laboratory for treating those with disabilities.

        In the therapeutic area—individual and group counseling for those experiencing emotional distress, victims of trauma and terror, populations at risk, single-parent families, families with handicapped members, family violence and couples with fertility problems.

        The formal opening of the interdisciplinary clinical center featured a discussion on the dialog between body and mind.


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