Spring 2004

In This Issue:

Presidential Column - Look Back in Pride

University Takes Its Traveling Seminar to Five U.S. Cities: Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston
Learn About ‘Israel Behind the Headlines’

Chiefs of Staff Use University Forum to Air Views on Israel’s National Security
Current Chief, Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya’alon, is graduate of the University’s National Security Studies M.A. program

TOOT Makes University of Haifa No. 1 in Library Digitization

University Opens Israel's First Interdisciplinary Clinical Center on Its Campus

Taisser Haddad, Lecturer and Composer, Makes Musical Bridges

When Smokes Gets in Your Eyes…and Lungs
School of Public Health’s Baron-Epel Researches ‘Tobacco Control’

Graduate Student Rejuvenates Jewish Thought at Her (Secular) Kibbutz

The Map on the ‘Blue Box’ Leads Prof. Yoram Bar-Gal, a Geographer, to Explore…Propaganda

‘Delicate Balance’: Prof. Aviva Doron Uses History to Promote Dialogue

Prof. Zvi Eisikovits Receives Mandate: Clean Up Haifa’s Hadar

'On-Line' Teenagers Neither Anti-Social Nor Porno-Seekers,  Say Sociologists Gustavo Mesch and Ilan Talmud

University Premiers as Impresario

Prof. Avner Raban, 1937-2004