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Sunday, June 4


10.00               Registration

10.30-                          Chair:  Susanne Feigenbaum

11.15       Greetings. Josef Chetrit, Dean of Humanities, Haifa

Opening address. Alexandre Defay, Director of cooperation and

cultural action, Director of the French Institute of Tel Aviv.


Plenary.  Pierre Cadiot, University of Paris VIII:

Schematics and intentionality


11.15      coffee break


11.30-              Session 1.            Chair: Dennis Kurzon

13.00                     David S. Bree and Ian E. Pratt-Hartmann, University of


      Temporal semantics and prepositions in context

Irena Botwinik-Rotem, University of Tel Aviv

      The thematic and categorial status of Ps: the dative,

      directional, locative distinction

Franck Lebas, University of Paris VIII

     The theoretical status of prepositions; the case of

      prospective uses of in

13.00               lunch


14.30-              Session 2.      Chair: Wendy Sandler

  16.00                      Rafi Talmon, University of Haifa

                      The 'genitive exponent': Some problems in Palestinian

                 Arabic syntax

            Rami Saari, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

                  The case of quddiem and some remarks on grammatical

      aspects of Maltese prepositions

Dennis Kurzon, University of Haifa

      ‘Preposition’ as a functor: the case of long in Bislama


 [16.00             Hecht auditorium - SPECTACLE "PREVERT"]

Reception and program organized by the French Cultural Center of Haifa and the Department of French



Monday, June 5


9.30-       Session 3.            Chair: Rafi Talmon

11.0          Mark Leikin, University of Haifa

     Locative prepositions in language acquisition and aphasia

Yves-Marie Visetti, CNRS Paris

     Three spaces and one semantic theory

Ian Pratt-Hartmann and Nissim Francez, University of

Manchester and the Technion, Haifa

     Prepositions and context

11.00               coffee break


11.30-              Session 4.      Chair: Moshe Azar


Asher Stern, Niv, Center for Experetise Provision, Tel Aviv

     The loss of the preposition be in Modern Hebrew

Julia Krivoruchko, University of Haifa

     Prepositions in Modern Judeo-Greek Biblical Translations

12.30-   lunch


14.00-              Session 5.      Chair: Pierre Cadiot

Yishai Tobin, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

     The Hebrew prepositions mi-/min 'from, of': Same or


Esther Borochowski and Hava Refen, University of Tel Aviv.

     PPs in Hebrew as modifiers of nouns

Susanne Feigenbaum. University of Haifa

`                                        A contrastive analysis of French and Hebrew prepositions:

     The case of sans, bli and lelo


15.30      coffee break


15.45-   Session 6.            Workshop on prepositions, Chair: Hava Bat-Zev -Shyldkrot (with ILASH)





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The French Institute, - Embassy of France, Tel Aviv

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