Michmanim 11
Various Aspects of the Phoenicians Civilization
(May 1997)
Ephraim Stern - The Beginning of Phoenician Settlement along the Northern of Palestine (Hebrew)

Moshe Prausnitz- The Stratigraphy and ceramic Typology of Iron-Age Tombs at Akhziv (Hebrew)
Ze'ev Herzog - Phoenician Occupation at Tel Michal: The Problem of Identifying Ethnic-National Groups from Archaeological Assemblages (Hebrew)
English Abstracts of the Hebrew Articles
Avner Raban - The Phoenician Harbours in the Levant
Michael Helzer - On the Origin of the Near Eastern Archaeological Amber
Christoph Uehlinger - The Seal of Ahab, King of Israel?
Diethelm Conrad - Two Figurine Heads and their Parallels
Hebrew Abstracts of the English Articles

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