Michmanim 12
Peoples and Ethnic Groups in Eretz-Israel
 (May 1998)

Ran Zadok - The Ethno-Linguistic Character of the Semitic-Speaking Population (Excluding Jews and Samaritans) of Lebanon,
Palestine and Adjacent Regions during the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Periods - A Preliminary Survey of the Onomastic Evidence

Ayelet Gilboa - Notes on Philistine Pottery in the Hecht Museum
Michael Heltzer - An Inscribed Weight in the Hecht Museum
English Abstracts of the Hebrew Articles
Benjamin Sass - Inscribed Seals and Their Attribution to the Israelite and Transjordanian Peoples (Hebrew)
Itzhaq Beit-Arieh - Edomites in Judea at the End of the Iron Age (Hebrew)
Shimon Dar - The Material Culture of the Ituraeans (Hebrew)
Hebrew Abstracts of the English Articles

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