Michmanim 14
Ancient Wall Paintings Discovered in Eretz Israel
(May 2000)

Irina Segal and Naomi Porat - Composition of Pigments from the Hellenistic Walls in Acre

English Abstracts of the Hebrew Articles
Amos Kloner - Hellenistic Painted Tombs at Maresha (Hebrew)
Silia Rozenberg - Wall Painting in Herod's Palaces at Jericho (Hebrew)
Naomi Porat and Shimon Ilani - Composition of Pigments from King Harod's Palaces in Jericho and Masada (Hebrew)
Gideon Foerster - The Wall Paintings of Masada (Hebrew)
Yosef Porath - The Wall Paintings on the Podium of Herod's 'Amphitheatron', Caesarea (Hebrew)
Talia Michaeli - The Pictorial Program of the Roman Period Tomb at Migdal Ashqelon (Hebrew)
Hebrew Abstracts of the English Articles

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