Michmanim 3
New Aspects in the Research of the Chalcolithic Period
 (December 1986)


Thomas E. Levy - Social Archaeology and the Chalcolithic Period: Explaining Social Organizational Change during the 4th Millennium in Israel
Steve Rosen - The Analysis of Trade and Craft Specialization in the Chalcolithic Period: Comparisons from Different Realms of Material Culture
Hebrew Abstracts of the English Articles
Yaacov Baumgarten - New Aspects of Chalcolithic Bir es-Safadi in the Light of the 1982 Excavations (Hebrew)
Dan Gazit - Is the Polished Appearance of Flint Axes also the Result of their Use as Quarrying Tools? (Hebrew)
Isaac Gilead - The Economic Basis of Chalcolithic Settlements in the Northern Negev (Hebrew)
Claire Epstein - Chalcolithic Settlement and House Plans in the Golan (Hebrew)
English Abstracts of the Hebrew Articles

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