Michmanim 6
On Judea and Jerusalem during the First Temple and the Begining of the Second Temple
Periods, Based on the Seal, the Impression, and the Coin;
PublicationS of Artifacts from the Museum Collection
(October 1992)

Yaacov Meshorer - The Coins of Samaria in the Persian Period

Michael Heltzer - The Provincial Taxation in the Achaemenian Empire and 'Forty Shekels of Silver' (Neh 5, 15)
Nachman Avigad - A New Seal of a 'Son of a King'
Nachman Avigad - A New Seal Depicting A Lion
Stephen Goranson - An Inkwell from Qumran
Ephraim Stern - A Hoard of Persian Period Bullae from the Vicinity of Samaria
Avner Raban - A Group of Objects from a Wreckage Site at Athlit
Hebrew Abstracts of the English Articles

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