Michmanim 7
Publications of Artifacts from the Museum Collection
(January 1994)

Isaak Cornelius - Bronze Figurines in the Hecht Collection Depicting the Canaanite Gods Reshef and Ba'al

Zvi Gal - Basalt Tripod Bowls and Three Legged Bowls
Rivka Gersht - A Roman Statue from Gadara: Hermes - The Guide of Gods and Men
English Abstracts of the Hebrew Articles
Rivka Merhav - Two Limestones Stelae depicting Canaanite Deities in the Hecht Museum, University of Haifa (Hebrew)
Malka Hershkovitz - The Gems of the Hecht Museum Collection, University of Haifa (Hebrew)
Hagai Mishgav - Four Segments of Inscribed Parchments from Judean Dessert (Hebrew)
Arie Kindler - 'Yehuda' Coins at the Beginning of the Hellenistic Period (Hebrew)
Hebrew Abstracts of the English Articles

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