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The Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum (Collection Highlights) (2002)
The Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum Collection Catalogues:
A - Ancient Means of Exchange, Weights and Coins (1998)
B - West-Semitic Seals, Eighth-Sixth Centuries BCE (1999)
C - The Art Collection (1999)

Art Exhibition Catalogues:

Mordechai Moreh - The Nocturnal Works (1992)
Ziona Tagger - Painting on Glass and drawings (1992)
The Light of Yehoshua Grossbard 1900-1992 (1993)
Oswald Adler - Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Graphic Works (1994)
Raphael Matar - The Last Works (1995)
Four Realist Painters - Mitch Becker, Shalom Flash, Israel Hershberg, Hava Raucher(1996)
The Paintings of Nathalie Kraemer (1999)
Jewish Artists in the School of Paris (2001)
Nahum Gutman - Many Seas (2002)
Alexander Bogen (2002)
Jozef Israels - A Heart's Desire (2002)
Leopold Krakauer - Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit (1992)
Else Lasker-Schuler - A Poet Who Paints  (2006) 

Archaeological Exhibition Catalogues:
Jewish Ornamented Ossuaries of the Late Second Temple Period (1988)
Hurbat Rosh Zayit - Biblical Cabul (1989)
Architecture and the Theater in Eretz-Israel during the Roman and Byzantine periods(1991)
Phoenicians on the Northern Coast of Israel in the Biblical Period (1993)
'Purity broke out in Israel' - Stone Vessels in the Late Second Temple Period(1994)
Caesarea - a Mercantile City by the Sea (1995)
Illness and Healing in Ancient Times (1996)
Dionysos and His Retinue in the Art of Eretz-Israel (1998)
The Richness of Islamic Caesarea (1999)
Depictions of Animals from the Leo Mildenberg Collection (1999)
Measuring and Weighing in Ancient Times (2000)
Ohallo II: A 23,000-Year-Old Fisher-Hunter-Gatherers' Camp on the Shore of the Sea of Galilee (2002)
The Nabateans in the Negev (1999)
Ein Gedi - A Very Larg Village of Jews (2006) 

Elisha Linder and Yaacov Kahanov, The Ma'agan Mikhael Ship - Final Report, Volume I (2003)
Yaacov Kahanov and Elisha Linder, The Ma'agan Mikhael Ship - Final Report, Volume II (2004)

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