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Thank You I enjoyed viewing your site maybe some day I can see it all in person
Dorothy Foster, Sun Jan 20 10:10:18 IST 2002 
Everything is highly-exceptional and captively fascinating.
Elizabeth Navaja, Sun Mar 17 15:09:12 IST 2002 
thank you for sharing these wonderful works.
Diane Hardwick, Tue Mar 19 18:18:12 IST 2002 
I thought that the art that was just shown is beautiful, as well the liticure that come's along with it.
Phoenicia jackson, Wed Mar 20 07:33:28 IST 2002 
we are planning on coming for a visit and will include the museum in our itinerary. Shalom!
Bernard Draper, Sun Apr 7 04:51:58 IDT 2002 
A beautiful site to see...
The Sussman Family, Jacksonville, Florida, Fri May 3 12:08:54 IDT 2002 
best museum of the israil, thx
akhtar kahan, Mon May 6 05:47:33 IDT 2002 
The archaeological section of this museum outranks any that I have visited in Europe or the U.S.A. My sincere congratulations to Ofra Rimon
Arie Segall, Thu Jun 6 21:11:39 IDT 2002 
Att: Reuben and Edith Hecht With compliments - Peter and Gloria Hecht Albstadt/Germany and Barcelona/Valencia Spain
Peter Hecht, Sun Aug 11 10:15:34 IDT 2002 
situation beautiful very masterpiece amaze emotions quantity compromise note at cutting have love add fair ready sale be interested correspond gratitude quantity once
dedo, Tue Aug 20 15:39:59 IDT 2002 
Thoroughly enjoyed your web site.
Jim Bouck (USA), Tue Oct 1 18:57:59 IDT 2002 
I look forward to visiting in person. Shalom
Carlos Quiroga Lass?pas, Fri Nov 29 01:26:19 IST 2002 
This is a magnificent piece of work. I hope to view it with my own eyes next time I am in Haifa.
Gil Gredinger, Wed Jan 8 04:45:00 IST 2003 
nice website
Yana Dimitrova, Fri Feb 21 00:49:27 IST 2003 
cool page greetings albert www.hecht24.de
albert von bieren, Wed Apr 2 02:27:34 IDT 2003 
SIMHONY EREZ INGA ORLY @ IRIT, Fri Aug 20 16:54:49 IDT 2004
I have been wanting to search my heritage for a long time. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to view some of the art that came from my culture
Dorothy Enciso, Thu Nov 18 16:10:51 IST 2004
Thank you for this wonderful place on the net.
Kazaa, Tue Dec 28 03:32:23 IST 2004
Enlighting and fascinatin by its beautiful contents..thank you
Bruria Rimoni, Wed Dec 29 19:50:29 IST 2004
I long to come to see your museum. I have a replica of the Pedajah Seal given to me by the late Arthur Gilbert Museum collection curator. It has the signature of the Hecht Museum on the reverse.
Rusty Russell, Fri Feb 4 08:00:52 IST 2005
שלום לכם. אני מעוניינת להיות מכותבת שלכם לאינפורמציה על ימי עיון בדומה ליום שהתקיים השבוע בנושא בתי כנסת. האם יש סיכוי שההרצאות מיום עיון זה יוצאו כחוברת למכירה? רוב תודות, דפנה
dafna carmeli, Sat Mar 5 21:06:00 IST 2005
This site is very useful. Keep up this excellent work - very good.
krankenversicherung, Tue Mar 8 14:31:30 IST 2005
The museum is absolutely amazing... Keep up the good work, shai
shai, Mon Mar 28 06:46:09 IST 2005
אני עומר , אני בן 8 . בקרתי אצלכם עם הכיתה שלי כיתה ב' 3 ונהניתי מאד מאד . אני מתכוון לבוא לבקר שוב עם אבא שלי ועם אחי בן ביום שבת.
עומר לרמן, Sun Apr 3 21:10:53 IST 2005

מוזיאון הכט היה יפה ואני מתכוון להיות שם עוד פעם עם בני משפחתי
or, Tue Feb 7 13:30:28 IST 2006
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