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The institute is an expression of scientific collaboration between the kibbutz movement and the university of Haifa.

The goals and major activities are in four areas:

  1. Current research topics
  2. Teaching and dissemination of kibbutz knowledge;
  3. Clearing-house for kibbutz related publications; 
  4. Applied research services to kibbutz communities and organizations.

Research is both basic and applied, and deal with the internal functioning of the kibbutz and the relationship with the Israel society.

The institute participated in a series of international comparative studies dealing with workers' participation in decision making in industrial organizations, social support of the aged, the political activity of women etc.

For more information : 
Institute secretary :  Mrs. Malka Miller
Phone : 04-8240418 Fax: 04-8240409
International : 972-4-8240418
Head of the institute Dr. Shlomo Getz

Current research topics

Current research topics are: changes in the kibbutz structure, outcomes of changes in the kibbutz, leadership, regional development, democracy in a crisis period, reasons for leaving the kibbutz. A yearly survey of institutional changes in the kibbutz community and a yearly opinion survey of a representative sample of kibbutz members are conducted since 1990 by the institute. 
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Teaching and dissemination of Research Findings.

The institute directs it efforts at diversified audiences: The broad scientific community, the kibbutz membership, kibbutz policy makers and university students. Publications, symposiums, conferences and seminars are adapted to the different audiences. Students and researchers from aboard visit the institute and use its data basis and research facilities.
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Clearing house

The institute developed a comprehensive computerized bibliography of all scientific publication related to the kibbutz. The bibliography contains some 5,000 items, about half in Hebrew and the rest mostly in English. It is constantly updated. The institute is also the Center for the Study of Industrial Democracy and Self-Management. Staff.
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