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Research Staff

Name Fields of Interest
Dr. Shlomo Getz
Head of the institute
Institutional and Social Changes; Youth & Students
Dr. Yuval Achouch Life Stories; Social Identity; Social Representation
Dr. Gila Adar
Women Studies; Stratification – Theory & Research; Rural Development – Strategies & Research
Hana Goldemberg Consumption; Gender, Retirement from Work
Dr. Lilach Lev-Ari Migration; Gender; Ethnicity; Social Capital
Prof. Uriel Leviatan Organizational Behavior; Social Psychology of Aging; Leadership & Management
Dr. David Mittelberg Ethniticy Migration; Gender & Science; Sociological Theory; Sociology of Tourism & Rural Development.
Eliette Orchan Rural Tourism; Women And Family in the Kibbutz; Marketing Research
Prof. Michal Palgi Workers Participation; Organizational Sociology; Immigration; Gender;Public Opinion Polls
Dr. Avraham Pavin Democracy; Stratification; Social Change; Social Capital
Prof. Menaham Rosner Organizational Sociology; Theories of Alienation; Social Change
Dr. Zachary Sheaffer Crisis Management; Organizational Decline & Crisis; Buisiness Failure & Downsizing; Organizational Change
Dani Zamir Military & Society; The Rise of Economic Individualism in the 80's


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