Philosophy Dept., University of Haifa
Course: History of Greek Philosophy Semestre 1
Lecturer: Dr. Menahem Luz

Summary of Lectures on Rationalism, Philosophy and Medicine

The following files are merely notes and outlines for the above course that are expanded and redefined in the class context. These files are intended to replace neither a reading of the texts, nor actual attendance.
Note that the summary numbers do not necessarily correspond with the number of the lecture in class -- e.g., Summary 1-2 = Class Lecture 1.
If you have any questions about this material, you may also email me to the following address:

Index of Summary on Rationalism, Philosophy and Medicine

  1. Summary 1 Introduction to Hippocrates last updated 2-11-1999

  2. Summary 2 Hippocrates' Law and Oath last updated 2-11-1999

  3. Summary 3 Cult Practice and the Medical Art -last updated 1-2-2000

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