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Curriculum Vitae

Menahem Luz (aka Mervyn Lewis)
Born: 24 April, 1945, Glasgow, Scotland.

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  • 1958-1964 Queen's Park High School, Glasgow, matriculating in:
        Ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew, English, Mathematics and Sciences.

  • 1964 Glasgow University Bursary Prize

  • 1964-1968 M.A. Hons. (Classics), Glasgow University;
      reading: Ancient Greek, Latin, Greek Philosophy (under Prof. D.J. Allen). M.A. Hons., 1968.
      Subsidiary fields: Hebrew and Psychology.
      Extra curricula studies included classical Arabic (J. Mattock) and Modern Greek (A.R. Burn)

  • 1971-1972 M.A. (Classics), Hebrew University, Jerusalem;
      dissertation: 'Plato's Parmenides' (under Prof. A. Wasserstein).
      M.A., 1972.

  • 1973-80 Ph. D. (Classics), Hebrew University, Jerusalem;
      dissertation: 'The Spurious Platonic Dialogues: A Study of their Historical and Philosophical Background'. (under Profs. A. Wasserstein and M. Dubois).
      Ph.D., 1981.

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Teaching Areas

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Principal Employment

Additional Relief Positions

  1. 1979-1982 Tutor in Classical Heritage Section, Open University, Israel (Relief)

  2. 1990-1991 Lecturer in the Classics and Philosophy Depts., University of Bar Ilan, Tel Aviv (Relief).

  3. 1992-1993 Lecturer in the BA Hons. Dept. (Greek Literature and Philosophy), Haifa (Relief).

  4. 1994-1995 Lecturer in Foreign Language Dept. (Advanced Greek), Haifa (Relief)


    1. Offices held

    2. Committees

        1997- 2000 present
        advisory member on FISP committee on educating philosophy

        comptrol committee of the ISPCS

        Organising committee of the INS Haifa conference

        Editorial board of Scripta Israelica (ISPCS)

      Research Scholarships

      1. 1986-1987 Visiting Scholar at U.C.B., Berkeley, California (Sabbatical).

      2. 1994 March-September Visiting Scholar (Sabbatical): University of Austin, Texas; U.C.B., Berkeley, California (Sabbatical).

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      Research Interests

        Plato; Aristotle; Hellenistic philosophy and literature.

        Current Research: Aristotle's Metaphysics

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      publications are in English unless specified

      1. Book-form

        1. M. Luz, 'The Spurious Platonic Dialogues: A Study of their Historical and Philosophical Background', vols. 1-2 (diss. (Heb.; Eng. summary vol. 2 pp. i-xviii; Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1980).

        2. M. Luz & A. Ben-Zeev, Aristotle, On the Soul (Haifa, 1989; Heb.)-includes translation, introduction and commentary of philosophical, psychological and historical interest.

        3. M. Luz, Plato and Aristotle (Heb.) -- unit in the Israel Open University course: The Hellenistic Age (Tel Aviv, 1988).

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      2. Articles

        If you would like any of the following English articles sent you attached by email, just drop a line to stating whether you prefer it as m/w 5 for mac or for windows or just plain text file.

        Some of the later articles can be directly downloaded by accessing the "Preview page"

        1. 'Clearchus of Soli as a Source for Eleazer's Deuterosis', in: U. Rappaport (ed.), Josephus Flavius (Jerusalem, 1982; Heb.- Eng. summary, pp. vii-ix).

        2. 'Eleazer's Second Speech on Masada and its Literary Precedents', in: Rheinisches Museum 126.1 (1983), pp. 25-43.

        3. 'Abnimos, Nimos and Oenomaos: a note', in: Jewish Quarterly Review LXXVII.2-3 (October, 1986-Jan. 1987), 191-195. impact

        4. 'Salam, Meleager!', in: Studi Italiani di Filologia classica VI,2 1988, pp. 222-231. impact

        5. 'A Description of the Greek Cynic in the Jerusalem Talmud', in: Journal for the Study of Judaism xx (1989), pp. 49-54. impact

        6. 'Marinus: an Eretz-Israel Neoplatonist at Athens', in: Rappaport-Kasher-Fuchs (eds.), Greece and Rome in Eretz-Israel (Jerusalem, 1990), 92-104-also published as:.

        7. 'Marinus: an Eretz-Israel Neoplatonist at Athens', in: Rappaport-Kasher-Fuchs (eds.), Greece and Rome in Eretz-Israel (Jerusalem, 1989; Heb.), pp. 36-47.

        8. 'Cynics as Allies of Scepticism', in: Scepticism: Inter-disciplinary Approaches (Proceedings of the 2nd Olympia Symposium; ed. L.C. Bargeliotes; Athens, 1990), 101-114.impact

        9. 'The Introduction to the Poetics and Aristotelian Methodology', in Dapim Research in Literature 8. 1992 (ed. Kagan-Yaniv-Zoran; the University of Haifa) vi-vii (Eng. abstract), 35-44 (Heb.).

        10. 'Oenomaus and Talmudic Anecdote', in: Journal for the Study of Judaism xxiii/1 (1992), 42-80.impact

        11. 'The Transmission of Antisthenes' Hercules in Hellenistic Philosophy and Literature', in: Hellenistic Philosophy II (1994, Athens, ed. K.J. Boudouris).

        12. 'Relativism and the Sophists: a Reply to Modern Critics', in: Skepsis V (Athens; 1994), 74-80.

        13. 'Antisthenes' Prometheus Myth', in: J. Glucker- A. Laks (eds.), Jacob Bernays Un philologue juif = Cahiers de Philologie .... Lille III 16 (Eng.; Villeneuve d'Ascq, 1996), 89‹103.

        14. "The Encyclopedic Tradition of Alexandria and its Libraries," Michmanim 10 (1996), 67-78 (Heb); pp. 13-14 Eng. abstr.).

        15. "Aristotle's Criticism of Plato's koinonia of Wives and its Hellenistic Development" in: K. Boudouris (ed.), Plato's Political Philosophy and Contemporary Democratic Theory (Athens; 1997), 100-108. *

        16. "The Philosophical Background of Hippocrates' 'On Nutriment'" in: K. Boudouris (ed.), Philosophy and Medicine vol. I (Athens, 1998), 114-122 *

        17. "Ancient Medicine and Philosophy: Twin Professions," Michmanim 13 (1999) 7*-23* (Eng.), 7 (Heb. abstr.) *

        18. Antisthenes' Concept of Paideia published on the internet in the ancient philosophy section of the the Paideia 20th World Congress of Philosophy Archives (1999)

        19. "Disgracefulness is Disgraceful: Antisthenes' Logic, Ethics and Sources" in: Greek Philosophy and the Fine Arts I (Athens, 2000; ed. K. Boudouris), pp. 88-95.

        20. Articles for: From Polis to Empire -- The Ancient World c. 800 B.C.-A.D. 500 A biographical Dictionary, ed. A. Travers (Westport-Connecticut-London, 2002) - s.v. 'Antisthenes', 'Arcesilaus', 'Meleager', 'Carneades', 'Cleanthes', 'Diogenes Laertius', 'Diogenes of Sinope', 'Heraclides of Pontus', 'Protagoras' a. 'Antisthenes of Athens' (pp. 32-33), b. 'Arcesilaus' (pp. 42-43), c. 'Carneades' (pp. 81-82), d. 'Cleanthes' (p. 998), e. 'Diogenes Laertius' (p. 133), f. 'Diogenes of Sinope' (p. 134), g. 'Heraclides of Pontus' (pp. 184-185), h. 'Protagoras' (pp. 322-323), i. 'Meleager' (p. 253).
          Recent publications (2002-2012)

        21. Gerald A. Press (ed.), The Continuum Companion to Plato (London-N.Y. 2012) s.v.
          1. .'Antilogy and eristics (eristic)' (pp. 133-135), 2. 'Socratics (other than Plato)' (pp. 30-33)

        All of those marked with a star may be downloaded by accessing "Preview" of articles on this web site

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      3. Publications of General and Pedagogic interest

        1. 'Marine Deities and their Metamorphoses', in: 'Mysteries of the Sea' (ed. N. Kashtan), National Maritime Museum, Haifa 1993 (Heb.).

        2. Niva Arav-Menahem Luz, 'Teaching Philosophy and the Values of Democracy in Israel' in D. Evans-I. Kucuradi Teaching Philosophy on the Eve of the Twenty-First Century (International Federation of Philosophical Societies; Ankara , 1998 ), 30-41

        3. 'Dionysus: Myth and Ritual in sources of the Archaic Period' in: Dionysus and His Retinue in the Art of Ertetz-Israel. (ed. R. Rosenthal-Heginbottom), Hecht Museum Catalogue 14 (1998), 52-56 (Eng,), 68-71 (Heb.) *

        I have also a number of minor studies in the Encyclopaedia Judaica 1972/1973.

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      4. Impact

        1. 'A Description of the Greek Cynic in the Jerusalem Talmud', in:JSJ xx (1989)
          • D. Krueger, 'The Bawdy and Society' in R.B. Branham-M.-O. Goulet-Cazי, The Cynics UCL Press, 1996 p. 231
        2. L.E. Navia, Classical Cynicism (Greenwood Press, 1996), 191

        3. 'Salam, Meleager!', in: SIFC VI,2 1988
          • A.D.E. Cameron, 'Meleager (2)' in: O.C.D. (3rd ed. 1996), s.v.
          • L.E. Navia, Classical Cynicism (Greenwood Press, 1996), 190

        4. 'Cynics as Allies of Scepticism', in: Scepticism 1990
          • L.E. Navia, Classical Cynicism (Greenwood Press, 1996), 36

        5. 'Abnimos, Nimos and Oenomaos: a note', in:JQR LXXVII (October, 1986-Jan. 1987)
          • L.E. Navia, Classical Cynicism (Greenwood Press, 1996), 191

        6. 'Oenomaus and Talmudic Anecdote', in:JSJ xxiii/1 (1992)
          • L.E. Navia, Classical Cynicism (Greenwood Press, 1996), 191

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      5. Articles in Press

        1. "Cynicism typical to Eretz-Isrel in the Hellenistic and Talmudic Periods," for M. Mor (ed.). Jews and Gentiles in Eretz-Israel (Eng) *

        2. "Knowledge of Knowledge in Plato's Charmides' for K. Boudouris, Greek Philosophy and Epistemology (Athens)

      6. Submitted