Aims of the Association

We are pleased to announce the continued activity of
The New Israel Philosophical Association (registered as a non-profit making organization)

The society was established in 1998 with the full endorsement of the chairpersons of the university philosophy departments throughout Israel. The aim of the society is to encourage and advance academic philosophical discussion in this country. The Society will continue to organise academic conferences, publish reports on professional philosophical activities in Israel and foster links between academic departments concerned with philosophical issues.

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Registration and annual affiliation fees for the present year are:
      60 NS (Students and Pensioners)
      120 NS (Lecturers and others).
Please print out and complete the registration form at
this link.

Further information may be obtained via the committee and local representatives

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Committee Members

Prof. Marcelo Descal, President of the Association

Dr. Itzhak Nevo, Chairperson

Dr. Rami Israel, Treasurer

Dr. Meir Hemmo,Comtrol Committee

Dr. Itzhak Nevo, Conference Organizor

Other committee members and heads of departments

University of Haifa
Dr. Jonathan Berg, Head of Dept.
Dr. Meir Hemmo, Local Representative

Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva
Dr. Dalia Drai, Head of Dept.
Dr. Itzhak Nevo, Local Representative

University of Tel Aviv
Dr. Mordechai Yaron Senderowicz, Head of Dept.
Dr. Aryeh Finkelberg, Local Representative

University of Bar Ilan
Prof. Avi Sagi , Head of Dept.
Dr. Yuval Dolev , Local Representative

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Elhanan Yakira , Head of Dept.
Prof. Igal Kvart, Local Representative

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The 9th Conference of
The New Israel Philosophical Association
is to be kindly hosted by:

the Ben Gurion University of the Negev at Beer Sheva,
Building 72

on Tuesday 21st February 2006
between 10.00 AM - 8.00 PM
Opening Address: 10.00-10.15 in Auditorium 221

for details in Hebrew see conference programme

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