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Selection of Printed articles and Previews 28.1.2012

  1. two articles on ancient medicine:
    one on the relationship between Ancient Medicine and Philosophy...
    (just published)
    - and one on Hippocrates' On Nutriment

  2. Aristotle's criticism of Plato's communism of wives in the Republic ;

  3. Antisthenes' Concept of Paideia published on the internet in the ancient philosophy section of The Paideia Project on Line by FISP;

  4. Cynics of the Decapolis during the Hellenistic Period;

  5. one general non-scholarly piece for Museum Hecht on the early development of Dionysus and his ritual (just published)

  6. and a piece on teaching philosophy and democratic values for the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (Ankara , 1998).

  7. A few more are on the way to publishers.
I would much appreciate any email criticism you may care to add as suggestions can still be incorporated into the proofs!

If you are interested in my previous publications: see my research file It is regretted that it would be too difficult to download the Hebrew publications from Macintosh to the web.

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    • Updated notice of office hours can be found at the following sites:
      these hours change by semestre and during the vacations. Updates and notice of cancellations are regularly posted at the above sites.

    • At the end of the First Semestre (January 28th 2013) office hours may change

      Reception at office hours is held in my office
      (Eshkol Tower, floor 17 room 1709)

    • Notes
      • Permanent Updates to these hours will be posted on this site and on the dept. notice boards
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        teaching schedule (please consult before coming)
      • There are no office hours on university and public holidays.
      • check by phoning first

    • Individual Consultation:
      Graduate students' consultation and tutorials are held at different hours by telephone appointment.

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    Lectures 2012-2013

    An English summary of lectures that I gave on some lectures from 10 years ago is found at this site Naturally the subject matter, bibliography and discussion will be different in crucial points this year.

    Semestre 1
    (syllabus in Hebrew)

    1. Tuesday and Thursday 10.00-12.00Concepts of God in Ancient Greece (History Dept.)
      2035 א01 13 sem a 01
      Sunday 10.00-12.00
    2. Philosophy and Anti-Philosophy in Greek Satire

      Wednesday16.00-18.00 New Discoveries in Ancient Philosophy

    Semestre 2
    (syllabus in English)

    • Early Greek Philosophy from Thales to AristotleSunday and Wednesay 16.00-18.00
      107.1138 sem b 01

    • Neoplatonism and the Thought of Late Antiquity
      Wednesday 10.000-12.00

    • The Metaphysics and Ontology of Aristotle
      sylabus under construction
      Sunday 10.00-12.00
      Tuesday 14.15-15.45

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