Dr. Nancy Hall (#stands for @)
Office 1602
Office phone 828-8304 (I am not likely to be there outside of office hours)
Office hours Monday 10:15-11 or by appointment


The mo'ed bet grades will be turned in on Sunday morning. I will have reception hours for viewing exams on Sunday, 3-4, and Monday, 3-4. The answers to the mo'ed aleph and mo'ed bet are available here. You can pick up HW 4 from my box on the 16th floor.


To read .pdf files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This free software is available at If you cannot download files for any reason, there will always be copies of the assignments in my box (the paper pickup box) on the 16th floor, for you to photocopy and return.
Second graded homework (syllable structure).
Third graded homework (stress and tone).
Fourth graded homework (sign language).
Fifth homework/ exam review (optional)

About the Final Exam

The final exam consists of five problems. They are similar to the problems you have seen on the homework throughout the semester. One is on syllable structure, based on loanword data. Two are on stress: one involving a language where there is no heavy / light syllable distinction and one a language where there is such a distinction. One is on tone, and requires you to be able to draw an autosegmental representation. The final problem is on underlying representations.

All three exams (moed aleph, bet, gimel) are equivalent in difficulty.

To the exam, you may bring in one notebook (the small kind used in schools) with notes in your own handwriting. You may write anything you want in this. No other materials may be brought in---no loose papers or photocopies.

Online resources for phonology

IPA charts are available from the International Phonetics Association. You can also hear recordings of all the IPA chart sounds.

Free IPA fonts are available from SIL.

You can find statistics and information on virtually all the world's languages at

The phonologist Jennifer Smith maintains a large list of phonetics links, including sound files of exotic phonemes, videos of the vocal tract, etc.

The Linguist List is one of the main forums for linguistics-related advertising, jobs, discussions, etc.