Naomi Josman
Ph.D New York University

Areas of Research:
Cognitive Rehabilitation;
Cognitive Interventions,
Cognition and Occupation;
Metacognition; Executive function;
Evaluation and assessment;
Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD);
Virtual Reality.

Contact Information:
Tel: 972-4-8240-610
Fax: 972-4-8249-753




General Research Interests
Prof. Josman's research focus on areas of cognitive rehabilitation, specifically cognition, metacognition and its influence on occupation, use of virtual reality in rehabilitation.
 Research projects have been conducted with various populations including children with developmental and/or learning disabilities, adults with neurological dysfunction, people with schizophrenia and elderly people. A large-scale project compared Israeli and Palestinian children on their sensory-motor and cognitive abilities. The scope of her cognitive studies extends into evaluation and assessment tools and strategies.


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