Sagi Snir                      שגיא   שניר
Institute of Evolution
Institute of Evolution,
Department of Evolutionary & Environmental Biology,
Faculty of Natural Sciences,
University of Haifa,

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Postdoc: Math & Computer Science, UC Berkeley, 2006
Ph.D.: Computer Science, Technion , Israel, 2004
Phone: (972) 4-8288774, Fax: 4-8288763
Email: ssagi at research dot haifa dot ac dot il

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Research Focus:
Our research focuses on developing techniques for solving the challenging computational problems that arise in attempting to understand evolution of life on Earth.
Research Areas:
Graph Theory
Combinatorial Optimization
Ori, Ofri & Shaqed
Ori, Ofri and Shaqed
Ofri & Shaqed at California
in Berkeley, California
Sagi SnirDepartment of Evolutionary & Environmental BiologyUniversity of Haifa