Sagi Snir                      שגיא   שניר
Institute of Evolution

Available Positions

We are looking for individuals who are interested in solving very challenging problems concerned with evolution which will have a large impact in biological sciences. A typical student in the lab should have a strong computational or quantitative background and is interested in biological problems.
Biological background is not mandatory (but of course cannot harm) upon starting, but is expected to be acquired gradually.

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Due to recent ISF and BSF grant awards with leading labs in the US, excelent students are required. Fellowship includes high salary and visits at the partner lab.

Graduate Students

Graduate Students are welcome to start a project in the group. In particular, Computer Science or related discipline students with little biological background are very welcome. We will teach you the biology you need to know. Any extended biological knowledge is up to you.


Undergraduates who are interested in working on a research project are encouraged to take relevant courses and join the lab.
In any case you are invited to contact either by phone or Email and inquire information. We are offering diversified projects in the broad area mathematical evolutionary biology. See projects list for details on available projects.
Sagi SnirDepartment of Evolutionary & Environmental BiologyUniversity of Haifa